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Supafend Dock Wheels

Size & Quantity Guide

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Product Information

  • Designed to protect and guide your boat while manoeuvring in and out of your marina berth. 
  • The wheel is non-marking and consists of a sealed one-piece rotationally moulded tyre made of Marine Grade PVC with ultra-high UV resistant additives.
  • The unique closed-cell PU foam formulation and injection technique was designed exclusively for Supafend by the worlds leading global PU Foam specialist. This has ensured correct internal dispersion and adhesion of the foam to the PVC wheel while producing optimum cushioning.
  • The wheel hubs are made of DuPont Supertuff Zytel Nylon that will not corrode or crack and does not require bearings, bushings or any form of lubrication. They are hard-wearing and will not seize against the axle.
  • The wheel bracket is designed and manufactured from galvanized steel for strength, multi-fit fixing, and anti-corrosive qualities.
  • The PVC wheel can be removed and reinstalled easily onto the wheel bracket axle via the removable nylon retention cap.
  • The multi-fit base plate with slotted bolting pattern enables the wheel to be simply fixed to the top surface of most marina whalers, including various multi-layered plank configurations.
  • Four large galvanized coach screws are supplied with the Dock Wheel.


General Information

Please note that dock wheels are designed to keep your boat off the corner of a dock or jetty as you pass it, they are not a pivot wheel for leaning your boat against and rotating around it.


To Install a Dock Wheel

  • Unscrew the top cap and remove the wheel from the post.
  • Fasten the base plate to the dock in your chosen position using appropriate fasteners for the substrate and load the wheel will experience from the boat.
  • Reinstall the wheel back on the post and fasten the cap on to keep the wheel in place.



Periodically check the wheel is attached to the dock properly and hasn't been damaged through use.  Check the cap securing the wheel onto the base is tight.



 Dimensions One Size
Wheel Diameter 350 mm
Height Above Dock 210 mm
Weight 6.5 kg