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Hauraki Neoprene Fender Covers

Size & Quantity Guide

Product Information

  • Specifically designed and made to fit Hauraki Inflatable Fenders.
  • Made in New Zealand from AAA-UV rated black nylon neoprene.
  • Reversible inside and out, and rotatable up and down giving up to 4 x life span.
  • Inflate / deflate fender with the cover on.
  • Do not absorb water and resilient to algae growth.
  • Best for rafting against a wharf, dock, marina berth or other boats.


General Information

Hauraki Neoprene Fender Covers are the best you can get. They provide premium protection for your boat and paint job, while also protecting your fenders from UV and abrasion damage. 

Regular application of 303 Aerospace Protectant will further increase the life expectancy of the neoprene covers.

Fitting Instructions

  • Fully deflate fender to fit inside cover
  • Pass fender through the end hole
  • Half inflate fender and position cover (straighten seams)
  • Fully inflate fender


Care Instructions

  • Use ‘303 Aerospace Protectant – Ultimate UV Protection’ regularly to significantly extend the life of your neoprene fender covers
  • Reverse (turn them inside-out) and rotate your covers (top and bottom) periodically to get up to four times the life from your covers
  • To clean your covers, use fresh water or a mild soapy solution
  • Do not use bleach on your covers!