Marina Fenders
Closed cell foam, marina and dock fenders

   1m Straight - 1000x150x100                            $72 incl GST
   2m Straight - 2000x150x100                            $115 incl GST

   45 Degree External Corner - 450/450x150x100    $79 incl GST
   90 Degree External Corner - 450/450x150x100    $79 incl GST

   45 Degree Internal Corner - 450/450x150x100    $79 incl GST
   90 Degree Internal Corner - 450/450x150x100    $79 incl GST

General Information
Our marina fenders are built tough to withstand the most extreme marina berthing situations.  They are constructed from dual density, UV stabilised, closed cell, white EVA foam.  The exterior layers are dense, non marking with a gloss finish while the interior is softer allowing for shock absorption and shape contortion. 

The smooth, non-marking exterior contact surface allows your boat to slip along the fender rather than gripping and damaging the fenders, while also turning your vessel in the berth as PVC covered fenders tend to do. 

Due to their size, we only ship the marina fenders within New Zealand.  Please contact us for a detailed freight quote specific to your needs.  
Hauraki Fenders - Marina Series Dock Fender - 1m
1m Marina Fender
Hauraki Fenders - Marina Series Dock Fender - 2m
2m Marina Fender


Installation Instructions
  1. We suggest the fender is fitted as close to the top edge of the jetty as is practical. This will reduce the possibility of the vessel riding over the edge and striking the jetty.  Mark out the position of the fenders on the jetty with a small gap between each. We recommend a maximum gap of 200mm.
  2. Mark the drilling position using the pilot holes as a guide. When drilling mounting holes, use the appropriate drill size to fit your fastening screw or bolt. 
  3. The product is supplied with a stainless steel washer in each mounting hole. These are suitable for use with stainless steel coach screws or bolts.
  4. Fasten the fender to the jetty firmly but do not over tighten as this may damage the high density backing. We recommend the use of a battery drill fitted with a clutch system for fastening the fender as this will ensure that the product is not over tightened. A small amount of movement is desirable as this will reduce stress on the mounting points.
  5. Once you have attached the fender to the jetty and are happy with their positioning, the mounting hole protection plugs can be fitted.  Fit flush with the top face of the fender.  If desired, apply a coating of contact adhesive or super glue to the sides of the plugs provided and in a circular motion, insert the plug (this will transfer adhesive to the fender and ensure a bond).
Hauraki Fenders - Marina Series Dock Fender - cross section
Hauraki Fenders - Marina Series Dock Fender - install step 1
Hauraki Fenders - Marina Series Dock Fender - install step 2
Hauraki Fenders - Marina Series Dock Fender - install step 3


Marina Fenders - Installation Instructions

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