Inflatable Fenders
Fenders big enough to protect your boat properly, and small enough to stow away easily

Small Inflatable Fender - 300x800mm             $169 incl GST

Medium Inflatable Fender - 350x1000mm        $179 incl GST

Large Inflatable Fender - 400x1200mm           $189 incl GST

General Information
Our inflatable fenders are constructed from light grey, heavy duty, 1.2mm thick PVC fabric.  In other words: our fenders are built extra strong and tough providing you with a superior temporary fender solution to protect your pride and joy.  Most other inflatable fenders are only made from 0.9mm fabric. 

The seams are heat welded together with doubler tapes in a controlled environment to ensure a strong, high quality join is achieved.  Each fender has two reinforced stainless steel D-ring attachment points, one at each end. This allows every fender to be hung either horizontally or vertically.  No glue is used in the construction of our fenders. 

The fenders are fitted with a standard marine inflatable boat inflation/deflation valve. Either a normal inflatable boat pump or a small electric pump can be used to inflate the fenders. The fenders can be easily deflated and rolled up to a compact size for easy storage.

We ship our products throughout New Zealand and around the world. Please contact us for a detailed freight quote specific to your needs.  

               Size (mm)     Weight (kg)
Small        300 x 800           1.7
Medium    350 x 1000          2.5
Large       400 x 1200          3.1

Size and Quantity Guide
As a guide, we recommend the following sizes and quantities. Lightweight boats can be at the lower end of the scale while heavier boats should be at the upper end and may want to consider moving up a size bracket.  Remember you can never have too many fenders protecting your pride and joy, especially when they are this easy to store. 

Boat length        # of fenders per side
up to 30'                2-3 small
30' to 40'               3-4 small, or 2-3 medium
40' to 50'               3-4 medium, or 3-4 large
50' to 60'               4-6 large
over 60'                 6+ large
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3 Sizes Available - Small, Medium & Large
Hauraki Fenders - D-rings
Hauraki Fenders - D-rings & Valve