Inflatable Fender Covers
Protect your fenders and your paint while making your boat look great

Small Black Fender Cover - 300x800mm          $109 incl GST

Medium Black Fender Cover - 350x1000mm     $119 incl GST

Large Black Fender Cover - 400x1200mm        $129 incl GST

General Information
Hauraki Fender Covers provide abrasion and UV protection for your inflatable fenders while also enhancing the appearance of your boat. They are a top quality product designed and manufactured in New Zealand to ensure a superior fit and look.

Our fender cover fabric combines a tough interlocking polyester exterior with a lightweight microfleece interior. Its unique stretching capabilities allow us to produce a snug fitting fender cover that is tough wearing and looks great.  While the fabric may fade during extended periods of use, it's strength will remain.  The UV rated polyester thread, top stitching and PVC reinforcing around the D-ring slot all add to the superior quality.

Contrary to popular belief, it is better to have a fender cover with a smooth exterior.  Fleece and towelling fabrics that have traditionally been used for fender covers tend to collect dirt and grit in the fabric weave over time.  This dirt and grit ultimately end up rubbing against the top sides of your boat while your fenders are in use.  In the long term, this can damage your paint job - the opposite result from what you were trying to achieve.  In addition to resisting dirt and grit, our fender covers do not need to be removed in order to inflate and deflate the fender and are far easier to clean than traditional fabrics.

Hauraki Fender Covers can be embroidered, allowing you to personalise your fenders with your boat’s name.

We ship our products throughout New Zealand and around the world. Please contact us for a detailed freight quote specific to your needs.
Hauraki Fenders - Large (400x1200)
Hauraki Fenders - Large (400x1200)